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Sell your extra diabetic supplies to an accredited 5-Star test strip buyer with payment guarantee. 

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Sell test strips online and send payment within 24 hours of receiving your package. You control your shipping speed so you know exactly when you are getting paid.

Communication Every Step of the Way

Sell diabetic test strips to us and get notified during each step of the selling process. We let you know when we receive your package and when your payment gets sent.

You Are In Charge!

By selling diabetic test strips to us you choose how to ship, your shipping speed, and how you want to be paid. When you are in charge you are in control over the selling process.

Sell Diabetic Test Strips to Us

First off, we always pays, even when you sell diabetic supplies that are not in perfect condition. Our payment guarantee gives you an extra layer of protection when you sell diabetic supplies. We let you choose your shipping method and shipping speed so you know exactly how and when your package arrives. We communicate with you every step of the way so you are never left in the dark. We are the first company to allow people to sell test strips and lancets online and we have been ranked #1 since 2004.

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Sell diabetic test strips to us and get backed by our payment guarantee. This means when you ship to us using valid tracking and your supplies meet our condition requirement, you get paid.


When you are in charge of shipping, you are in charge of the selling process. If you need your money quickly, feel free to overnight your package to us. To save money on shipping, then ship using USPS First-Class mail.


Unlike our competitors we will never stiff you if sell test strips that are in damaged boxes or have less than 6 months before expiration. If you sell diabetic supplies that are sealed and have at least 30 days before expiration, we will buy them. We pay 25% of our highest listed price for damaged boxes and items with 1-5 months until expiration.


We are the highest paying test strips buyers in the United States. You receive an average of 25% more money when you sell test strips and lancets to us. We pay more because we are a very low profit company. Our staff is made up of volunteers who want to help others. Products we redistribute are marked up by 15% to cover advertising and redistribution fees.

Sell Diabetic Test Strips and Help Others

Sell test strips to us and know they are going to someone in need. We help members of our community who can’t afford their healthcare. Each year we redistribute thousands of items that would otherwise go to waste. There are millions of Americans that can not afford to buy test strips. Without your help these people can not manage their diabetes putting them at risk of developing several life threatening complications. Join us now in our fight to help people in need and sell your diabetic test strips and lancets today.

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The #1 Ranked Site for Selling Diabetic Supplies

We value our sellers and are best place to sell diabetic test strips. The reason we are ranked #1 is because we do not do this for profit. This company formed to help a community in need. Over the years we grew to be the nation’s best test strip buyers. We are a very low profit company with the majority of our staff consisting of volunteers so we are able to pay significantly more money.


When you sell your strips to us we guarantee your payment in a timely manner. You get paid in 24 hours after your package is received. You need valid tracking for your package and items must meet our condition requirements to qualify for payment guarantee.


Communication is important to us. We communicate with our sellers every step of the way. Sell diabetic supplies to us and you will not be left in the dark. We let you know as soon as we receive your package and when payment is made.


We offer the highest payments for test strips hands down. We pay the most when you sell diabetic test strips because we are not here to make a profit. We are an organization who helps people in need. Beware of fraudulent companies with inflated prices, you will not get paid. ALWAYS do a google search of the company you sell diabetic test strips and lancets to them.


We believe in treating our sellers with honesty and respect. We will NEVER lie to you or steal from you. This goes harshly against our beliefs and would ultimately hurt the people we are trying to help. We are here to make a difference. We follow the teachings of Jesus and strive to make a difference in the lives of others.

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Protecting Yourself from Being Scammed

Avoid Test Strip Buyers who Scam

Several fraudulent test strip buying companies have popped up on the internet claiming to buy test strips, but never sending payment. We find this practice reprehensible and a terrible disservice to the people we help. While most test strip buyers are honest, there are a few bad apples out there. So even if you choose not to sell your test strips us, we want you to sell safely. Please use these tips to safely sell diabetic supplies online.


First off, steer clear of the company called Cash Now Offer. It is a well known fraudulent website. There are thousands of negative reviews on this company and you can read them by googling “cash now offer scam.” Their prices are extremely inflated and they never send payment. It is websites like this that hurt the honest companies out there trying to make a difference. There are many great test strip buying compaines out there, but Cash Now Offer is not one of them.


If you sell diabetic test strips and lancets to a company using their free shipping label, as soon as you ship your package they legally own it. And you lose your right to take legal action against them if they do not pay what was agreed upon. This is because the labels they use are intended for returned goods. So by using their label you are inadvertently stating that you are returning a product you purchased from them.


Check the company out before you sell diabetic supplies to them. You should google the company name followed by the word scam. This will pop up any reviews that suggest the company may be fraudulent. Also if you find a bunch of reviews that start “I was skeptical at first…” they are likely fake. This is a common tactic fraudulent test strip buyers use to deceive prospective sellers.


If a test strip buyback company does not purchase damaged boxes they can easily claim that your box has damage and refuse to pay for it. Companies that are purchasing test strips to help people in need are not going to deny a box if it has damage or is expiring soon. They want as many boxes as possible to help the people on their waiting list.

The #1 Trusted Company for Selling Test Strips

Sell diabetic supplies to the #1 test strip buyers. Use an accredited 5-Star business that offers a 100% payment guarantee. Sell test strips to us and get paid exactly what is quoted. Enjoy our competitive pricing and earn more when you sell your strips. Our selling process is quick and easy, in as little as 5 minutes you can sell diabetic test strips using our simple online selling system. Choose what you want to sell and add it to your shipment. Then enter your contact information and let us know how you want to get paid.


Hear from people who sell diabetic supplies to us. Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our sellers and supply recipients say:

This is an excellent test strip buying company. I sell diabetic supplies to them every few months and never have problems. I love that I am helping people in need.

LaTresa Donalds

SellTestStripsOnline.com Seller Since 2005

I am 82 years old and can’t afford to pay for the extra test strips I need that Medicare does not cover. I want to thank everyone that sells to Sell Test Strips Online to help me because without you angels I would be in a world of trouble.

Eva Jackson

SellTestStripsOnline.com Recipient Since 2008

I both donate and sell test strips to this company since they were operating out of my church. The impact this organization has on our community is very large. You won’t find a more honest group of people willing to buy your diabetic supplies.

Christina M. Dickerson

SellTestStripsOnline.com Donor/Seller Since 2004

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